Kodra’s Community

What distinguishes “Kodra e Diellit” Residence from other residences in Tirana, is the diverse community of residents and hundreds of visitors who walk through our doors every day. Although “Kodra e Diellit” is famous for residents from the art field, actually it is home of Albanian and foreign residents of all backgrounds and professions. Large traditional families, nuclear families, young couples and also elderly ones, or even students and professionals that live alone, find themselves easily at “Kodra e Diellit” Residence because of the variety of housing typologies and the most competitive prices in the market.

Children are the nucleus of the community in “Sun Hill” Residence. They go out and play in groups in the parks with fresh air and also go for walks or picnics with their parents and grandparents. The 24/7 security is one of our main missions, in order for the parents to rest assured of their safety while their children are out playing.

The children of the residence grow up learning to respect nature and to take care of the animals. They live near art and get inspired every day by shapes and colors of the kaleidoscope of “Kodra e Diellit”. Vivid colors in the residence and the variety of decorative elements invite children to experiment with forms and materials and grow free and creative. We believe that our children can grow up and develop to their maximum potential away from the stress, pollution and noise of the capital.

At “Kodra e Diellit” Residence, every holiday is enjoyed with the community, starting from the religious days such as Eid, Christmas and Easter and continuing to Children’s Day, New Year, Independence Day, Valentine, etc. The administration staff takes care to curate and decorate common areas with scary pumpkins, red and black flags or red floating hearts, as the event may require, turning parks and streets into a festive scene where everyone can partake.

The humane mission to help other people in need or marginalized social groups, unites from time to time the community of “Kodra e Diellit” Residence. The residents respond with solidarity to any call for aiding missions or fundraisings.

It is well organized with all its services and in the Residence nothing is missing. We proved this even more during the pandemic isolation. The residence turned into a large family where the isolation was never felt. The house is the nest where everyone must find peace and relaxation for the mind and soul. At the residence this is enjoyed in every aspect. We like it when we end the day with a long walk in the fresh air between the decorated alleys under the frame of olives and flowers. An investment that I would make a thousand more times for sure.

Marsela Çibukaj, artist