Art from Kodra e Diellit


At “Kodra e Diellit” Residence we are proud of the artistic spirit intertwined in architectural style. Actually, the intertwining of art with architecture begins in genesis. Designing of a space in “Kodra e Diellit” Residence, requires that architects, technical experts and artists sit together around the creative table. At “Kodra e Diellit” a new home is drawn and painted artistically before being technically designed and implemented.

The strong connection of architecture with art, produces art work that is not only decorative but also utilitarian. The residence itself is conceived as a genuine art exhibition where facades, terraces, sidewalks, stairs, lights, chimneys, even bins, are treated as genuine works of art.

“Kodra e Diellit” Residence is a touristic and cultural destination now. Conceived as a giant gallery in the fresh air, the artistic walk at the “Sun Hill” is a great way to spend an afternoon and to enjoy the sunset from one of the highest points of the city. We invite the art and architecture enthusiasts for a walk in the fresh air full of colors and geometric shapes. See below the map of “Kodra e Diellit” gallery.